Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gay Aiken

I dearly hope my fellow fags remember Gay Aiken's remarks like these when, inevitably, he comes out some 5-10 years from now in a desperate bid to revive his then-flagging career. (Unless he's modelling his career on Barry Manilow's - in which case, good fucking luck, Clay, 'cause Manilow's a performer; you're just some boy singer.) It's not that I want to claim him for my team - I mean, artistically he's a pile of shit (covering "Without You" and making it his new album's first single? 'Nuff said) - but some honesty would be nice. Fuck you and your evasions and lies, Aiken. Fuck you.

Brew hot water for a cup of camomile, dear.
I'll do no such thing, Alf. As an openly gay man, this matters to me.
It's his choice dude. Why does Clay Aiken confirming what everyone already knows anyway affect you so personally?
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