Monday, December 04, 2006


My two favorite comments about the BCS disasters-to-be:

"Projected BCS matchups: Florida versus OSU in the Not-Fiesta Brought To You By Haphazard, Illogical Guesswork; Michigan versus USC in the Rose Brought To You By Aaaaargh; ND versus LSU in the Sugar Brought To You By Vicious Lopsided Beatdown; Wake Forest Versus Louisville in the Orange Brought To You By Seriously, Wake Forest?; Oklahoma versus Boise State in the Fiesta Brought To You By Wooo Ratings Bonanza. I'm a little bitter. Can you tell? Congratulations to Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators, and their 66-10 loss to Ohio State." (From The Fanhouse.)

"This all seems a lot of bluster to us; even if Michigan fans are right -- and personally, we think they are -- they're yelling at the wrong people. Yes, Walden and Buckner might be completely unqualified to be part of the decision-making process on this, but that there's a decision-making process on this at all is ridiculous. Until they fix this, this is going to happen every year, and we're going to have this same damned debate. And it's not going to change. This is why college football isn't as much fun as college basketball, and until they realize that, it never will be." (From Deadspin - my favorite sports site, hands-down, right now.)

Oh, and who were those talking douchebags on Fox's BCS Selection Show last night? Oh yeah, Fox doesn't have a college football crew, so they have to make one up. (Confidential to Barry Alvarez: don't ever dress yourself again. EVER.)

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