Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reviewing records for fun and... uh, fun

One of the reasons I love writing reviews for Stylus is because of what's become my place there: I seem to be the one who reviews the big, dumb commercial records, most often mainstream R&B and country. And Barbra Streisand (still one of my favorite reviews I've written). Stylus's tilt tends toward indie-rock and electronic music, with doses of metal (mostly courtesy of the great, great Cosmo Lee, who you really should read whether you care about metal or not - he's that good) and hip-hop (lots of folks write these reviews, even me, but of note is Ian Cohen, who's been on a tear lately). I don't even know who half the artists we review are, for pete's sake: Sally Shapiro? The Green Pajamas? The Escalators? And that's just today. Meanwhile, Mr. Uncool here has taken the latest George Strait for a spin... (I used to be a college radio MD. What happened? Dunno, don't care - am perfectly happy with who and where I am, musically.) I'm very happy that I've got an editor at Stylus who appreciates that I appreciate mainstream, commercial stuff; I'm one of Stylus's anomalies, it would seem, which is precisely why that's just where I belong.

Of potential/related interest, here's today's at-work listening pile:
Just because I love 'em:
Robert Plant, Sixty Six to Timbuktu
Freddie Jackson, For Old Times Sake: The Freddie Jackson Story
Re-listening to '06:
Bob Dylan, Modern Times
Journey Into Paradise... The Larry Levan Story
Tom Moulton, A Tom Moulton Mix
Sonic Youth, Rather Ripped
Thom Yorke, The Eraser
(Arctic Monkeys would've been in the stack, too, but I couldn't find it last night.)
Need to finish the reviews:
Vince Gill, These Days
George Jones and Merle Haggard, Kickin' Out the Footlights... Again

And on top of that, I may well take a break at some point in the day by listening to either Yahoo! Launchcast's 25 Years Ago: Hits of '82 station (I'm 36, you do the math) or my latest disco-very (thud), radioioDisco, a superb streaming disco station programmed by authority (and great critic) Barry Walters.

Or maybe I'll just listen to Freddie Jackson all day.

Ah, Thomas, you know far more people at Stylus than just your editor(s) appreciate your work.
Geez, Thomas! The Green Pajamas have been around forever (and they're quite delicious too, although I haven't heard this new album).
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