Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weekend haul

Since the demise of Tower (which I really meant to eulogize, but just never got around to doing), I miss having a big all-purpose record store nearby. I'd always rather pick up and hold a CD in my hands before purchasing it, rather than just going the Amazon.com route. (Don't even talk to me about iTunes; it has its uses, but I'm old school.)

There are a couple of Virgin Megastores near us, but the only one worth a damn is the West Hollywood location, on Sunset. (Sadly, the Burbank location closed over a year ago.) The BF and I hit it this weekend, as we hadn't been there in months - mainly because we spent most of the last few months of '06 loading up at Tower's going out of business sale, plus I occasionally pick up big-name titles on sale at Target, and Amoeba's always a good time as well - and I'd been missing it, so we went. To my shock, they had quite a few clearance bins scattered about the store. Most of 'em were filled with crap, but one particular bin in the dance section was loaded with enough goodies to make me feel like I was back in Tower during their (not quite, but you know what I mean) last days.

I picked up:
-Chromeo Presents Un Joli Mix Pour Toi
-Paradisco 3000 Presents Chicago Boogie
-Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats
-Salsoul 30th (2CD)
all for $4.99 apiece!

On top of that, I nabbed a box of Bananarama's Really Saying Something (mediocre UK "best-of") and The Twelve Inches of Bananarama (a much better best-of, plus they're all the original 12"s, not some newfangled crap), and EMI UK's The Best Club Anthems 2006 double (some cheese, some quality, better than I expected) each for $10, a copy of the original (un-remastered) CD of Cameo's Word Up! for $3.50 (WTF?!), and at Amoeba, the '04 UK double Produced by Trevor Horn for $9.99. Including tax, I spent just over $60 for all of the above. See what I mean about feeling like I was at Tower's last farewell? (And I haven't even mentioned that I found a copy of Simon Napier-Bell's book about Wham! for $6!)

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