Friday, February 02, 2007

Food, glorious food!

I am a foodie, and I am unashamed.

I love restaurants (well, good ones). I love white tablecloths. I'm learning to love wine lists. Gourmet is superb food porn. And no, I don't cook, though I love reading recipes. Accordingly, I'm adding my favorite food blogs and sites to the sidebar under their own category.

From CHOW's "food media" blog, The Grinder:

Personally, I’d be partial to a Scooby-Doo ending where Hubert Keller gets his mask pulled off, revealing himself to be Old Man Bourdain, and says, “And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for you f*cking kids!”

That's beautiful. Also, if you care about Top Chef, make sure to listen to CHOW's podcast with Top Chef 2 runner-up Marcel Vigneron. It's a great interview.

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