Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lloyd featuring Nas and Andre 3000 - "You (Remix)" (The Inc. 2007)

The original - newly #1 on Billboard's R&B Singles chart - is alright (love Lil' Wayne, but the verse ain't his best, though I still love hearing him rap), but the remix is where the real heat is. Sampling Spandau Ballet's "True" (instead of just interpolating it) and featuring ridonculous verses from Nas and Andre 3000 (rapping, yes!), this shit is so sick like Ne-Yo. Listen in.

(Also of note on the new R&B chart: J-Hud's take on "And I Am Telling You" goes top 20 this week strictly as an album track. That's called "hot.")

Thomas, this isn't the right place to do this, but I have to bust your chops on one matter: WHAT on earth prompted you to rate the Mims single 0.0 on Stylus?? That's by a longshot the catchiest hip-hop tune I've heard in the last few months...I just don't get what's so offensive about it? Very curious...
It's nothing but a beat that's lazy rather than interestingly minimalist; a bunch of bites of previous hip hop hits (Cube did that right on "Jackin' for Beats," Mims has no idea what he's doing); and a whole-lotta-nothing rap. I think it's highly unlikely I'll encounter a hip hop record I loathe more this year. At least until Yung Joc releases a sophomore album.

Would you frigging blog more, PLEASE, Scott??
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