Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Heart - "These Dreams" (Heart, Capitol 1985)

"And words that have no form/Are falling from my lips"

Clearly, someone'd been listening to Cocteau Twins... Much greater than the sum of its parts, this song is, frankly, kinda genius.

I doubt they were listening to the Twins, dear; a lovely song all the same.
That was meant as a joke, Alf. *rolls eyes*
Given that you mention les twins Cocteau as often as I mention Bryan Ferry, it's not clear.
This was the first (secular) album I ever bought with my own money. Twenty-two years later, I still love it.

(also, ...pssst.)
Why'd you change it to Bad Animals? It's actually from the '85 s/t joint.
'Cause I'm dumb.
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