Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Alanis Morissette - "My Humps" (YouTube 2007)

I certainly don't always agree with the LA Times' Patrick Goldstein - and I don't even agree with everything he offers in today's The Big Picture - but I think he nails it here:

Dressing herself Fergie-style, with baubles and bling, surrounded by black-clad male dancers, Morissette retained the original's visual sluttiness but replaced the Peas' thumping rhythm track with a pensive solo piano. By removing the intoxicating bass line and clearly enunciating the crass lyrics, she gave the song's sexpot swagger a new tone of sadness and desperation while simultaneously parodying her own artistic tendencies toward self-absorbed angst.

It's a striking performance, functioning as both social criticism and self-criticism.


For Morissette, this video — made at her home on digital video for roughly $2,000 — may transform her persona as much as taking a part in "Pulp Fiction" did for John Travolta.

This could conceivably make my year-end ballot, I like it so much.

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