Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I can't ever seem to write film reviews for this blog (Grindhouse = pure sugar rush), or talk about great meals I've eaten (The Hungry Cat is a seriously good seafood joint), or even finish my piece on why Beyoncé's new edition of B'Day is a very good thing ("Upgrade U," indeed), but give me the 999 Borats Project and I'm all over it. That link's the story, this one's the flickr group, and is the website. Borat forever!

(Painting by Oli Goldsmith.)

Is the new edition of B'day really worth the money? I stopped listening to the original album regualarly a few months ago and can't quite see myself going back to it just because of a few new songs, some of which might be not-so-good ballads. The Shakira aspect does appeal to me though. You should write this piece!
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