Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Why is it that I find these singles, from artists I typically loathe, somehow (cough cough) moving and meaningful?
-Glenn Frey, "The One You Love" (1982)
-Chicago, "If She Would've Been Faithful" (1987)
-Richard Marx, "Angelia" (1989)

Also related (kinda) is this: it either took huge balls or a hell of a lot of hubris on the part of Lionel Richie to release "Se La" (1987) as a single. This faux-reggae track, the 4th single from Dancing on the Ceiling, was the single which broke Richie's streak of 13 consecutive top 10 pop singles as a solo artist (starting with 1981's Diana Ross duet "Endless Love") - and c'mon, did anyone really think this easy-grooving piece of malarky (which sounds oddly appealling now) was a chartbuster? It peaked at #20, in case you're wondering.

Please explain why "Angelia" is strangely moving.
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