Monday, August 06, 2007


I don't only listen to vintage AT40, y'know. Mostly, perhaps, but not only.

The Freemasons just seem to get better and better... and with B'Day, they seem to have taken on the same role for Beyoncé that Morales had with Mariah for much of the '90s, as her remixers of choice - and deservedly so. I've liked damned near every mix of theirs I've heard (and their rub of "Beautiful Liar" is one of the year's best tracks), but with "Green Light" they take what's frankly a sub-standard song (esp. by B's standards) and whip it into a sexy frenzy. Damn, they're good.

I've never cared much for Keyshia Cole. Yeah, girl can sing, but she never seemed to have any control of her instrument. But then I kinda liked what she dropped on Diddy's "Last Night" (shut up, it's actually alright), and now she goes and delivers a first single to make me real curious about her sophomore joint. "Let It Go" is luciously produced, riding a loop from Mtume's certified classic "Juicy Fruit," while Keyshia sings richly without overdoing it. Missy adds some flava, and Kim - well, I still like the sound of her voice, even if she doesn't seem to be actually saying anything these days (plastic surgery consequences?). This is delicious.

I've also traditionally slept on UGK, a/k/a Underground Kingz. Bun-B and Pimp C just haven't done much for me, but it looks like it might be time for a re-evaluation. They tease their first album in over 5 years (out tomorrow, 8/7) with a killer slab of southern-soul-sampling, produced by Three 6 Mafia (when they're smart, they're top of the game) and featuring vocal assists from the experts known as OutKast. "International Player's Anthem" doesn't hit you over the head in any way - it creeps up on ya. (And add this to Andre 3000's pile of great '07 appearances: Lloyd's "You," Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's," and now this "Anthem." Is he putting himself in the running as 2007's MVP?)

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