Thursday, August 02, 2007

Inexplicable 2

Here's another one. While I despise the fact that Phil Collins won an Oscar for his crap Tarzan song, I wouldn't have minded so much had he been awarded one for "Separate Lives," from 1985's White Nights. It's a duet with the then-and-soon-to-be-again-unknown Marilyn Martin. ("Who?" is right: she hit the US top 40 as a solo artist just once afterwards, with the #28 single "Night Moves.") It's also incredibly ssssssslow - seriously, I can't think of a slower #1 record since. But Collins nails the song's pathos in his vocal, and Martin emotes her ass off as well. (Not surprisingly that she was good at that; her most notable work previously had been supplying backing vocals for Stevie Nicks.) This is one sad, sad song that rips your heart out and just leaves it on the floor, cold and ignored. One of the finest songs of Collins' career (he wasn't always vile), hands down, and sadly forgotten these days. Remember with me, won't you?

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