Thursday, August 30, 2007

An open letter to Timbaland

Hey, Timbo. Yeah, you wuz robbed last year - no matter that Rubin produced Cash's last will & testament and a highly overrated Dixie Chicks album, YOU deserved the Grammy for producer of the year. You OWNED 2006, and AMPAS bitches didn't even nominate you. Suckas. That being said...

1. Plz stop rapping. Now. Kthxbye.
2. Maybe just maybe you're overextending yourself? I mean, your cut on M.I.A.'s new album, "Come Around," is the weakest on there by furlongs. I don't think there was enough of M.I.A. on it - I mean, "Earth Intruders" (which is far better than most folks say) is nothing but a Björk song, but "Come Around" could be back-of-the-album filler for Furtado. Or Shock Value, for that matter.
2a. I think it's time for a vacation. Go somewhere nice and warm and full of thong-clad ladeez and don't do any work for, like, 2 months. You'll thank me.
3. Don't start a "rock band" with Furtado. Bad. Idea.
4. Listen suggestion: check out how the space is used on The Unforgettable Fire. That's a version of - how to say? - your work is getting cluttered. You can't put everything on a track.

You're one of the greats, easily - up there in the pantheon with Jam & Lewis, George Martin, Spector, Moroder, Q. You're a king. So act like one, please.

much love,
the other TI

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