Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reba comes alive!

Photo credit: Robert Deutsch, USA Today

I had not one, but two (linked) dreams last night in which the major plot point, as it were, was hearing a "pop" mix of Reba's "Because of You" duet with Kelly Clarkson on KIIS-FM.

Here's a good, albeit too short, USA Today piece from last week regarding Clarkson's relationship with Reba, Queen of Country. It now looks like Reba's going to notch the first #1 pop album of her career, on tomorrow's new Billboard 200, as Reba Duets sold right around 300,000 in its first week. I'm thrilled; Reba's really a legend, so multi-talented, and Reba Duets is pretty damned great, to boot. (Full review coming soon for Stylus.)

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