Friday, February 22, 2008

Bangles - "Hazy Shade of Winter" (Less Than Zero Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Def Jam 1987)

Not only is this the hardest-rocking item in the Bangles' catalog, it's also easily their best single. It made it to #2 on the Hot 100, as did "Manic Monday" (which got stopped by its songwriter, Prince, and his "Kiss"). Compare that pair to their two #1s - the dated-upon-recording "Walk Like An Egyptian" and the fairly execrable "Eternal Flame" - and weep a little. But as for "Hazy Shade": those harmonies! Those hot licks!* (The Bangles were, frankly, underrated as musicians.) And the fact that they took a Simon & Garfunkel song from the land of pussydom and made it rawk, putting their stamp on it and making it entirely their own (a la Aretha's "Respect").

*Soto informs me the lead is actually played by George Drakoulias, who went on to produce the Black Crowes, among others.

"Hazy Shade" is great, but I'll rep for their cover of Katrina & The Waves' "Going Down to Liverpool" as the best moment until the day I die.
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