Sunday, February 08, 2009

Liveblogging the Grammys part 2

8:55: Miley (Cyrus) is no great singer, but she's alright, and Taylor (Swift) sounded better than I expected on their duet of "Fifteen." What Taylor IS, is a good songwriter.

8:58: YAY another Plant/Krauss Grammy! How the hell was T-Bone Burnett not nommed for Producer of the Year?! (Granted, he'll get one when they win Album of the Year, but still.)

9:03: J-Hud's performance was "inspirational." And really, really boring.

9:09: It would be wonderful if someone would stab Jason Mraz to death.

9:10: It's like the Jonas Brothers live on the Sunset Strip, with Stevie Wonder channelling Roger Troutman (RIP)! Bizarre. Bongos? A horn section? And Stevie singing a JoBro song?! This is delightfully weird.

Funny to see one of the boys mucking up the lyrics, clearly due to nerves. That's called playing on national TV with a legend, boys. (Mind you, I'll totally defend the Brothers. Ask me about A Little Bit Longer sometime.)

9:14: Goddammit, if that douchebag had died in that plane crash, Blink-182 couldn't get back together.

9:15: Fucking Coldplay.

9:23: "Hot N Cold" is okay, but I LOATHE "I Kissed A Girl." And Katy Perry's gonna be gone before you know it, I still attest.

9:27: Between his growing-out hair and flashy blazer, Kanyeezey's looking awfully 1984. And I like it. Love "American Boy." Like Estelle quite a bit. Wish she's gotten a full-on performance, with a band and such.

Weird to see a new artist presenting Best New Artist. Will it be Adele? Duffy? JoBro?
YAY, it's Adele! I fear this will be a curse on her U.S. success, but I'm still glad for her.

I think you're way too harsh regarding Blink-182 (and a tiny bit offensive too). They showed a lot of growth on their last album and Travis Barker is a great drummer. I'm happy to have them back and see where their music goes next.

I can't get into the Jonas Brothers' album and I bought it expecting it to be nothing more than a fun pop record. It doesn't even come close to Blink-182's best records. A review from you would be great.
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