Sunday, September 14, 2003

Odds & ends:

Living as I do in coastal Virginia, right now I'm a bit jumpy regarding that nasty bitch Isabel. Her current projected path still has her potentially slamming right into (and over) our area sometime on Thursday, so yeah, I'm gonna grab batteries, candles, canned goods, bottled water, this week, just in case. I'm hoping we don't take a direct hit, so that a) electricity stays on, and b) I can blog my first hurricane. If it looks really bad, I'm not planning on waiting for an evacuation order, however - it's higher, non-coastal ground for this hurricane virgin.

Margaret Cho blogs. Predictably, it's kick-ass. Thanks for the heads-up to...

Paul, my ever-so-gracious new bloghost. He promises my redesign should be up sometime this week, which I'm little-kid-on-Christmas-morning-excited about. Also coming this week: mp3s. Yay, queen!

Does Richard X's "Rock Jacket" sample Animotion's "Obsession"? Anyone know?

My mini-review of the Raveonettes' Chain Gang of Love, based on having heard three songs: interesting ideas (Paul suggests Jesus & Mary Chain filtered via Buddy Holly, and I'd mostly agree), middling execution. They're good, but not (yet) great. Shame that being a male/female rock duo results in hundred of lazy White Stripes comparisons, though.

A fine football weekend for this transplanted Hoosier: Go Colts, winning with defense! [About time, too.] Go Boilers, on the road no less! Go anyone playing Notre Dame (and whuppin' ass)!

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