Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Jayson Stark is one of ESPN.com's best writers, and his piece today about what it means to be a Cub fan over the years perfectly exemplifies why. An excerpt:

So in many ways, that Cubs loss Sunday in Game 5 in Florida could turn out to be a poetic stroke of unintentional genius. If the Cubs are going to the World Series, there's only one place they ought to clinch it. And that place sure isn't next to Exit 2X off the Florida Turnpike.

"It's probably fate," said Kenny Lofton, a Cubs fan as a kid, a Cubs outfielder now. "We get to go back to Wrigley and celebrate at Wrigley."

The coolest thing about that celebration, though -- if it happens -- is that it won't just be the Loftons and Sosas and Priors and Bakers doing the celebrating. It will be Billy Williams and Ron Santo and Don Kessinger and Ferguson Jenkins. It will be Rick Sutcliffe and Ryne Sandberg and Leon Durham and Bob Dernier. It will be Phil Cavaretta and Frankie Baumholz and George Altman and Peanuts Lowry. And of course, Ernie Banks.

Ain't it true? 8pm. Fox. NLCS Game 6. Go Cubbies! [Oh, what I'd give to be in Chicago, let alone Wrigleyville, tonight!]

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