Sunday, October 12, 2003

Odds & ends:

Paul asked me yesterday if my "dance classics" project was going to turn into one of those massive mp3-CD ones of the type that Matos and Patrin are always doing. It wasn't, but then I thought, why not? So, no more updates on picks until it's done. Though I am going to wonder aloud why it's so fucking hard to find a copy of the radio edit of Lidell Townsell's superb '92 house crossover track "Nu Nu." Why?!

Damn. Well, I'll still take 5-1. The Colts are so a playoff team, baby - and this year, we're actually gonna win a couple of those pesky playoff games.

What an insane day of college football yesterday (memo to ESPN: can the contrived catchphrases. "Separation Saturday"? C'mon) - if you don't believe me, just check out the new coaches' poll. Purdue looked good topping JoePa's boys - the Boilers are looking like a very complete squad this year - but I'm nervous about next week, when we visit Madison. Especially after Wisconsin ended Ohio State's 19-game win streak last night.

Finally! Film geeks the world - or at least U.S. - over had Friday circled on the calendars, as that was the release date for the first film in 6 years from a certain Mr. Tarantino. Kill Bill Volume 1 has arrived - and Quentin's Umatastic martial arts extravaganza made off with over $22 million this weekend. Travis and I are going to see it tonight, and you know I'll have something to say about it afterwards. Yay, ultraviolence! [In the cover story of last week's Village Voice, RJ Smith called it "the most violent American movie ever made." Yowza.

Some may find this inconsistent with my oblique references to last night's trip to Raleigh (it's a free country, think what you want), but tonight'll be my fourth date with Travis. I've mentioned him previously; he moved here about a month ago from Las Vegas, and we struck up a fast friendship. And, well, now it appears to be moving nice 'n' slowly to a possible next level. He's cute, intelligent beyond words, clever, kinda shy (which is always sexy), and fun. As ever, watch this space.

I'm still a wholehearted Dean supporter, but am shall-we-say intrigued by General Wesley Clark. Now, of course, his campaign has a blog (whither Dean goes, so goest the rest of the Dem candidates), Generally Speaking. Great title.

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