Saturday, November 01, 2003

Last night, Halloween, went absolutely nothing like anticipated. I ended up barhopping through breeder bar hell with the owner of a local lingerie-&-sex-toy shop (who has the personality of a mafioso: loud, boorish, and thinks that money can buy you anything), a friend in from out of town, and three nasty lesbians. It was great to finally meet said friend after about a year of chatting online; he's a doll. But overall, not so much fun.

Today, then, I've spent on myself. Had a lovely outdoor lunch at Kelly's (white chicken chili and a delicious bacon cheeseburger), wandered around a bit in the gorgeous weather (70 degrees on 11/1?! Outrageous!) making phone calls to my closest compadres, got a hot fudge sundae from Dairy Queen, and took in Sylvia at the Naro. It's not a superb film, but is quite good, and Gwenyth Paltrow gives the performance of her career thus far as the tortured poet Plath. An Oscar nod may not be in the cards considering the mixed reviews the film's received, but it should be; Paltrow's gloriously brazen and risk-taking in her acting here.

Now I'm enjoying some chillout time at home, listening to an astounding UNKLE Sounds Essential Mix from 2002 and catching up on some reading and writing, along with working on a long-in-the-works (and much-deserved) CD for this travellin' man (also my superb bloghost). Later, I'll probably hit the Garage for a couple drinks and who-knows-what-may-be. Sho' nuff/ya dig?

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