Monday, March 29, 2004

Speed round:

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Mozzer, the Lips, Sonic Youth? 2 days?! Oh my God.

Updated both my top 100 tracks and top xx albums lists this morning; while doing so, moved 424 Sound Monster's Blazin' Blip Blop and Blar & Blee to the album list, as it clocks in at about an hour.

I watched part of the 60 Minutes interview with Condi Rice last night, until I just got sick of her bullshit excuses. She can pop on every network defending her case, and the administration's failures re: terrorism, but she can't testift before the 9/11 Commission? Why? Because "there is an important principle involved here: It is a long-standing principle that sitting national security advisers do not testify before the Congress." I'm sure that makes the families of those killed on 9/11 feel better, sweetheart. Now the Bush admin has principles? Interesting. Even GOoPers are declaring that this is a huge blunder.

R.I.P., Sir Peter Ustinov. He was a great actor and, possibly, an even better humanitarian.

The John McMullen Show on Sirius OutQ radio is a superb mix of opinion, talk, and ideas, politics and entertainment. He talks about the Iraq war, but also interviews the likes of Daniel, "the gay guy" from the WB's delicious reality show High School Reunion. Bravo! Oh, and since it's satellite radio, there's swearing for everyone!

Well, I went 3-1 in my revised Final Four picks - and how 'bout the ACC, which could have two teams meeting for all the marbles? I don't expect it to happen, mind you; I still stick with UConn topping OK State in the championship.

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