Wednesday, April 14, 2004

What the world has been waiting for: "deluxe editions" of the first two Warrant albums. I actually kinda liked Jani Lane and the boys; their pop-metal was heavy on the pop, real sticky-sweet, but with a nicely crunchy guitar sheen. And "Cherry Pie" isn't sexist (nor sexy, natch) - it's hilarious (though what's that bit around 2:37 about "trained professionals" about?).

And you know what else? "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (from Cherry Pie) is just pretty darn great, period - the sound of Warrant stretching their wings a bit, and seeing what they could do. Maybejustmaybe it's time for some Ratt-style critical revisionism? Paul, whatcha think? I mean, sure, Jani and company weren't as good as Ratt, certainly - but I'm also thinking they might've been better than the credit they - well, didn't get.

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