Thursday, November 17, 2005

I've updated again over at submeat '05 (it's getting pretty regular these days), but in a bigger way than usual; both my #1 single and album are new. Actually, my #1 single is, but my #1 album has been there before. "Stay Fly" has toppled Snoop on my singles list because that beat is so effing undeniable (and I like the verses too, even on the remix featuring Slim Thug, Project Pat and Trick Daddy). I've yet to tire of it, and doubt I will. On my album list, meanwhile, Billy Corgan's replaced Kanye at the top, for one simple reason: I feel an emotional pull from TheFutureEmbrace that I don't with Kanye, and that's enough to put Corgan's opus over the top. Late Registration is more brilliant, yes, but it doesn't move me, and that still counts for something in my corner of the world.

Also: I've specified Ralphi Rosario's mix of "Don't Cha," as that's the particular version that soundtracked much of my summer (and thus I've dropped Busta from the credit, as he's not on that remix), and Rev Run's absurdly hard-rocking (by way of Joan Jett) "Mind on the Road" has cracked my top 10 singles, bumping Missy Elliott off the list. Only 6 weeks + 2 days until the end of 2005...

Wow, I really can't believe that you let NIN fall out of the top 10 (and then replaced it with stuff which is assuredly awful).
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