Thursday, November 03, 2005

Recent observations garnered from watching (too much?) VH-1:

1. Quite possibly only Gwen Stefani could get Slim friggin' Thug (love his voice, love it) onto the former Video Hits One, which the new queen of pop does by featuring Slim on a verse of her new single/video, "Luxurious." Gorgeous clip, BTW.

2. Quite possibly the only thing better than new chapters in R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" saga is hearing Aamer Halem narrate highlights from the first five chapters: "and Bitchfest 2005 is on!!!" Oh, and R. Kelly has officially lost his damn mind.

3. VH-1 really needs to stop promoting But Can They Sing? every 5 minutes.

4. I'm delighted that Universal is releasing "The Brat Pack Collection," 3 classic '80s teen flicks in a DVD boxed set (actually, it looks like a Trapper Keeper). But why include two of the John Hughes-Molly Ringwald classics (Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club) and not the third (Pretty In Pink, of course), instead replacing it with Weird Science? I'm sure it's got to do with studio issues, but really folks, can't we come together? It's the Molly trilogy we're talking about! This is important!!!

Guess they went with the Anthony Michael Hall trilogy, but we're agreed that Pretty In Pink wins over Weird Science. Easily.

3 words: Andrew Dice Clay.
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