Friday, May 12, 2006

Good bloggin' tonight (or today, whatever):

"Chris was looking very 'Highway to the Danger Zone'": allmusic's weekly Amidol (love that abbreviation) roundtable still might be the best weekly column online.

There was a pair of really well-thought-out pieces on pop over at Slate, yesterday, with John Cook taking on the racial politics of your musical tastes (spun off of the rockcrit bloggerati's biggest imbroglio yet in '06, Stephin Merritt's EMP keynote; my take: SF-J wrong on this one, Hopper wrong on nearly everything) and Jody Rosen discoursing upon "poptimism" (I think I'm probably a popist...).

I got the previous links, and the next one, from Scott Woods' rockcritics daily, which has quietly become one of the best places online for rockcrit thinking. The guy is good, y'all.

Phil Dellio picked up Woods' writing-about-my-entire-record-collection thread and ran with it - so far that he ended up actually covering every record in his collection. We don't always share the same tastes, but his writing is funny and clever and remarkably clear.

Speaking of EMP, as I did above, two presentations I really wish I'd seen are, surprise surprise, Nate's and Matos's. Fortunately, we can at least read them now.

Oh, and Alf's having some blogging issues, so he's (temporarily?) moved A Grand Illusion over here.

Thomas, you're putting the rush on me.
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