Tuesday, June 27, 2006

FYI, Alfred's blogging home, A Grand Illusion, has returned to its original site. That having been said, I recommend it with the caveat that it appears that AGI's slowly being overrun by bathetic little undergrads majoring in gender studies (uh, okay), so read at your own risk. Honestly, I read AGI only for Alf's pop and popcult comments. You really need your own blog, dear.

Your higher-than-thou attitude will get you very far in life. Good luck.
What Natalia said. Also, possessing some semblance of class and respect for others, though not a requirement in the blogosphere, would certainly be appreciated.

Criticism is fine. Condescension and patronization, however, is not. Regardless of whether or not you think gender studies is a valid field, or that being undergrads automatically makes our opinions less worthy of consideration, don't be an asshole.
That didn't take long.
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