Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nelly Furtado - Loose

More like Mediocre. Paul, I love ya, but Furtado's third album is a largely dull mess, a pastiche of other folks' pop and R&B stylings (done by those others better). "Promiscuous" is still the single to beat in '06, but there's like one other good track on here. I supposed I shouldn't be so surprised in Furtado - though I'll still defend much of Folklore - but I really expected more from Timbaland. C- if it's lucky.

I think that "Promiscuous" is a very flat and dull single as well. Other than the fun synth keyboard riff, the beat is tired and it sounds as if Nelly and Timbaland are sleepwalking through the lyrics. Get past the beat and it's a droning, zombie-like song with little energy.
Look, I'm not going to fight to the death for this album, but just about every single uptempo track on it makes me shake my ass and still appreciate the songcraft at the same time... something I can rarely do with most pop/r&b.

Maneater and Promiscuous are #'s 1 and 2 singles of the year for me!
i agree with Paul. the lighter stuff hasn't stuck yet but shakier stuff is deadly! good job, Timmy :)
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