Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More on rockcrit topic #1 (Christgau, duh)

Perhaps the best summation, in some ways, of Christgau and his impact/influence, from Jody Rosen:

"With Pauline Kael, Christgau is arguably one of the two most important American mass-culture critics of the second half of the 20th century — yet he's devoted the majority of his working life to fashioning 100-word blurbs with letter grades. He's a public intellectual who unwittingly invented the reviews section of Entertainment Weekly."

Link (of course) from Scott Woods, who's my favorite blogger-about-music these days. 'Cause he's been writing for years, and 'cause he simply gets it - kinda like Christgau, come to think ('cept not, y'know, in his 60s). Alf and I are totally his groupies.

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