Friday, November 03, 2006

Big shiny tunes*

I realized today, updating my '06 Singles list, that the vast majority of my top 10 (20, even) are well-polished gems from big big stars - cf. Jay-Z, Madonna, J-Tim, Beyoncé. As far as this year's pop crop goes, it hasn't been half-bad (as long as you ignore the likes of the tabloid queens. And Fergie).

(New in my top 10: Ciara's "Promise," all the more stunning as it's produced by the stupidly-named Polow da Don, who's responsible for two of my least-favorite singles of '06 in PCD's "Buttons" and Fergie's "London Bridge.")

*Yes, Ian and Sam and any other Canuck readers I might have, I'm aware this is the name of a long-running Muchmusic-branded series of compilations. That was intentional.

I admit, I was curious.

Sadly, my own singles list seems much less mainstream this year... It's all Pipettes this and Camera Obscura that, and both of the Marits look set to appear.
no problem here, Thomas. got the joke as soon as i read it :)

we actually got a great batch of mainstream radio hits this year (huge thanks to Timbaland for that).
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