Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Journey - "I'll Be Alright Without You" (Raised on Radio, Columbia 1986)

A couple of things:
1. LOVE this song, from the unfairly maligned Raised on Radio.
2. Please notice their bassist, later known to the world as American Idol judge Randy Jackson. Please particularly notice his pink polka-dotted bass and skin-tight spandex pants (they're actually so glossy, they appear to be rubber).
3. I'm not usually much one for drawing attention to my writing elsewhere (apart from noting it on the sidebar), but I'm really proud of a piece I've got up today at Stylus. It's the inaugural piece in a new column titled The Diamond, wherein we'll be examining albums RIAA-certified for 10 million+ (US) in their original contexts. I wrote about Journey's 14-million-selling (and counting) Greatest Hits.

Bonus: another live vid from Raised on Radio, "Girl Can't Help It":

Hey, I love Raised on Radio too. It was probably Journey's most "complete" '80s album, whatever that means.
Great songs, great playing, well produced - that what you mean? 'Cause you're right. (This time.)
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