Friday, May 11, 2007

Longtime Companion (American Playhouse/The Samuel Goldwyn Company, 1990)

Bruce Davison, Dermot Mulroney, Mary Louise Parker, and Campbell Scott all starred in this, the first major film to tackle AIDS and its impact on the gay community. Davison was Oscar-nommed for Best Supporting Actor, and award he won at the Golden Globes, the Indie Spirits, and the Nat'l Society of Film Critics. (This also won the Audience Award at the US Film Festival, by the way, which you now know as Sundance.) This still holds up, thanks to its very good Craig Lucas screenplay, and most of all the superb acting on view, from both the names you know and those you likely don't. One of the definitive gay movies, Longtime Companion is a film that everyone - but especially every gay man - should know, and own. It tears (read that both ways) me up every time.

Really amazing film, which I am somewhat ashamed to say I haven't seen in a dog's age. Glad to hear it still holds up, as it really was a touchstone for many in our generation. One of the first (and finest) mainstream attempts at re-humanizing those our culture had almost gleefully demonized and dehumanized because of their affliction.

Brings back lots of hard memories, but plenty of good ones as well.
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