Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tiffany Evans featuring Ciara - "Promise Ring" (Columbia 2007)

Finally caught this on 106th & Park (annoying at times, but the hosts are appealling and it's a good, simple way to hear the new urban joints) last night, and while Evans' vocals are unspectacular (and Ciara just sound sweeter every time out, it seems), the track itself kinda jams, especially the second half of the chorus. Not surprisingly, Mr. Collipark (Ying Yang Twins) co-produced this cut, which definitively proves that crunk&B is dead, as it's just morphed back into what it kinda was all along: booty music. Think "My Boo," think "Lookout Weekend" (some freestyle was really just early bass music), think a little L'Trimm even - booty-slash-bass music will never die, and once you hear a Disney version of Ciara doing it, you know it's back. "Promise Ring" is good-not-great, but it's good enough to care about.

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