Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Madonna - "Till Death Do Us Part" (Like A Prayer, Sire 1989)

You can diss the lyrical content all you want (some find it clumsy, I admire its heart if nothing else), but what's really striking about this song almost 20 years on is its sound: the jittery, overly caffeinated keyboard arpeggios, the sourly sweet guitar "solo" on the quasi-bridge, and one of M's more assured vocals (at the time). It's always been one of my favorites of her album tracks; I wonder if it could've been a hit, given how much of a superstar she was at the time.

OMIGOD finally! It's definitely the best album track on LAP. Love the jauntiness; the singer's teetering on the edge of hysteria.
That was pretty much her peak so, yeah, it definitely could have been a hit at the time.
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