Sunday, February 08, 2009

Liveblogging the Grammys part 1

8:00: U2 open with "Get On Your Boots," which sounds better live than the single version. Very nice. Also nice to see Bono back at his actual day job.

8:05: OMG IT'S WHITNEY!!!! She looks amazing. Sure, she sounds a little loopy, but she looks incredible, and accounts from last night's Clive Davis Grammy whoop-de-do are that she's sounding fine as ever.

8:07: OMG Whitney just gave my girl J-Hud a Grammy. Wow.

8:09: I hate you, Duane Johnson. Stop trying to be funny.

8:11: There's an awful lot of talking on this show.

8:16: Okay, the Al Green/J-Tim duet on "Let's Stay Together" was actually pretty good, though having Keith Urban there to play a few hot licks felt slightly like pandering. And Boyz II Men were, what? Take 6? On backing vocals?

8:21: I really, really wish Coldplay would just stop.

8:23: I had a feeling Jay-Z would pop up here - the Grammys love nothing more than "crazy" collabos, and this one's already been recorded, so why not? (Answer: cuz it's dull.)

I'm fascinated to see M.I.A. perform, BTW, as today is her actual due date (thanx P-Fork!). And I wonder if she'll lace "Swagger Like Us" with vocals too?

8:26: Is Chris Martin wearing pants from the Michael Jackson "Circa '83" collection?! Were they purchased at the Neverland garage sale? How I dearly hope they get shut out of the big categories tonight...

8:27: I heart you, Keith Urban. I heart you even more, Carrie Underwood, even though your outfit is rather ill-advised. (Looked great on the red carpet, though.) Love that with this perf of "Last Name" she nicely proves that country music can rock as much as anything else. This is one simply superb single, and I'm very happy she won another Grammy - her 4th! - for it. (Best Female Country Vocal.) Also on the country tip, King George (Strait) FINALLY won a Grammy after all these years. About damned time, right? One more Underwood note: how cool is it that she's got a female lead guitarist, who can kinda shred?

8:32: Sheryl Crow + Leann Rimes presenting must = Best New Artist.
Um, or not. They're presenting Country Duo/Group. Hmm.
Yay, Sugarland! "Stay" is the definition of a career record. The guy in Sugarland looks even cuter with a full beard. And I love how country Jennifer Nettles is.

8:42: Fucking Coldplay.

8:44: Interesting to see Kid Rock doing a more "respectable" song, "Amen," rather than something (ahem) trashy like "All Summer Long." While I'm not a huge fan, I love what a bizarre genre polyglot he's become.

Oh, wait, here's "Summer" after all. I still don't entirely get how this made top 5 on the country chart last year, but it makes me happy that it did.

Wait, is this a third song? This medley thing is weird.

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