Sunday, February 08, 2009

Liveblogging the Grammys part 3

9:38: Did Morgan Freeman really just intro Kenny Chesney, and refer to him as "my friend"!?! Celebrities are weird.

9:41: Another Plant/Krauss Grammy, this one for Record of the Year. Yay. (Even though I really wanted M.I.A. to win this.) I believe Alison Krauss now has 583 Grammys.

9:49: M.I.A.! Kanye! Jay-Z! Weezy! T.I.! But this black-and-white gambit is just silly.

Oh, shit, M.I.A. just brushed the dirt of Jigga's shoulder!

I'm so worried that all this performing is gonna make M.I.A.'s water break, f'reals. Though it would make for amazing television.

9:57: It's McCartney playing "I Saw Her Standing There," with Dave Grohl on drums, and I have absolutely nothing to say about it.

10:02: There's been quite a few good performances, but good Lord - another hour and a half?!

10:06: Fucking John Mayer.

10:07: L.L., you're a legend, but you really will show up anywhere and do anything you're told, won't you?

10:13: While I'm not sure why Adele needed an assist from Sugarland, damn: Jennifer Nettles can sing anything, can't she?

10:19: There's something "utterly brilliant" about Paltrow introducing Radiohead with those words, instead of her husband's shit band. And their performance with the USC Marching Trojans now links them eternally with Fleetwood Mac!

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