Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010 Singles: #35 Crystal Castles f/Robert Smith, "Not In Love"

The Canuck glitchtronica (do we still use that word? did we ever?) duo decide to cover a Platinum Blonde single from the early '80s (think: Canadian arena-rock of the blandest kind), and get the Cure's Robert Smith to sing it. The result? The kind of record many of us Cure fans have been wanting ol' Bob to get back to making for some 20 years. It's gothy, it's screechy, it's almost a little scary - but, frankly, it also proves that PB knew how to write songs, because theirs holds up underneath all of CC's synth horrors. One of the year's most unexpected delights.

Did I tell you I heard this at CVS?
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