Tuesday, October 22, 2002

in the last half-hour, here's what I've heard:

+nine days, "absolutely (story of a girl)" - absolutely not.
+destiny's child, "survivor" - better than I'd remembered, especially in this context.
+a couple of public service announcements about using crosswalks and eating healthily
+aaron carter, "america ao" - even worse than his big brother.
+baha men, "move it like this"
+mc hammer, "u can't touch this" - made me laugh out loud.
+s club 7, "don't stop" - sounds like swedish magic pop. but not very good.
+britney spears, "overprotected" - why wasn't this a #1 single? superb, perfect pop with personality.
+lou bega, "mambo no. 5 (mickey remix)" - I thought this song couldn't get any worse. I was wrong.

I'm only figuring out what some of these songs are by picking up on song titles in the lyrics, and then checking the radio disney top 30.

+christina milian, "call me, beep me" - didn't she start out singing with ja fucking rule?! how did she end up a kiddie singer?
+a promo with all of the contest rules, handy as radio disney seems to give away something about every 20 minutes.
+sugar ray, "when it's over" - this almost made my top 50 last year. very, very good pop-rock. shame their leader seems more interested in dating supermodels, though.

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