Saturday, November 09, 2002

I might've been the last person in the u.s. to hear "the game of love" by santana featuring michelle branch, which I'd heretofore avoided due largely to ms. branch's involvement (oh, how I wish "goodbye to you" was a scandal cover!). caught it this morning on vh-1, channel-surfing during a commercial break while watching chris fowler and the gang on "college gameday." and I am very pleasantly surprised. without her usual faux-teen-angst histrionics, branch is tolerable - nay, even enjoyable (it's the best vocal perf I've heard from her yet). the song itself, is a featherweight '60s-sounding track - for some reason, it recalls archie bell and the drells for me - topped by carlos' as-usual gorgeous, fluid, effortless guitar lines. file this one under "as smooth as 'smooth,'" and enjoy its summery feel as the air gets cooler.

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