Thursday, December 19, 2002

16. "wish I didn't miss you," angie stone
stone's a fine retro-r-and-b singer whose singles and albums thus far had failed to overly impress - until early this year, when she dropped this bomb of a second single from mahogany soul. she makes quite a fine use of sampling the o'jays' "back stabbers," making it the backbone of "miss you" without making it the focal point of the song. the sample fits glove-like, as well, matching the laidback groove and lyrical statements. this isn't a diva exclamation of loss; it's nearly a resigned kind of missing (i.e. you're gone, and I wish I didn't miss you, but I do, and that's that), and understatement serves stone well. combined with her prior single "brotha," this makes me eager to hear her next album - one to watch now.

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