Tuesday, December 17, 2002

20. "music gets the best of me," sophie ellis-bextor
ah, sophie, she-who-would-be-kylie - the understudy, the one with a wee bit more grit under her perfectly-manicured nails. she may be number two, but she tries harder. "music" feels like a breezy throw-off, which is its charm. this isn't as raucous as "murder on the dancefloor" or as sexed-up as "take me home," but a lovely, easy declaration of love (ironically, it's a "you're my number two - but a strong number two" song). the best line is the damning with faint praise one: "if someone held you with a gun/you know I'd make you number one." well, thanks for that ringing endorsement, soph. but as she adds, she "can't help it, baby." sass, class, and ass make for a proper british dance-pop diva-in-training.

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