Sunday, January 05, 2003

#21 "thug lovin'," ja rule featuring bobby brown. my enjoyment of this song increases with each play. ja's unimpressive (as is often the case, though I do like the sound of his voice), but irv gotti's production is nice and vaguely soulful-deep (I said "vaguely"). but really, it's all about bobby. I'm not sure how I feel about his purported signing to murder inc. I hope gotti doesn't insist on producing the whole full-length, if it ever comes to pass. and I certainly hope he doesn't let bobby self-produce. what's 'face doing this days? sounds like the years of drugs have roughened up the edges of bobby's voice, but in a good way - he's no otis redding (or even k-ci hailey), but there's an undertone of growl there, now.

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