Sunday, January 12, 2003

before I retire for the evening, allow me to draw your attention to two major news stories from this weekend, one from the world of business - aol time warner's chairman is resigning - and one from politics - illinois' outgoing governor commuting all death sentences. both are going to have major reverberations across their respective landscapes, I think.

and not that you needed reminding that supreme court justice scalia is a teensy bit on the conservative side of the aisle, but this just further cements it. and concerns me a bit, as it should you as well. the supremes, as I like to refer to the court, have the ability to have more impact on how we live our daily lives than the president and congress, combined. that's why presidential elections particularly are so important - 'cause they're who appoint supremes. congressional elections are likewise important - 'cause they're who approve 'em.

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