Saturday, January 11, 2003

finally caught most of the brooks & dunn/zz top crossroads on cmt earlier this week. not only was it refreshing to see b&d (ha!) in this context - paired with the finest lil' boogie band from texas, they largely threw off their schmaltzy balladeer side and amped it up - but any chance to see zz top kicks ass, even if only on tv. the broadcast got me thinking about one of b&d's best songs, "good girls go to heaven" (rest of the line: "bad girls go everywhere"), from their 2001 steers & stripes album. this is nasty, dirty country - my white-trash I-was-raised-on-a-farm country side, akin to confederate railroad's "trashy women" (whatever happened to them?) and sawyer brown's "some girls do," back from the days when I kept my enjoyment of some country secret, 'cause it was sooo uncool - and I was busy mostly listening to nine inch nails and hole. whereas now I just don't care. [grin.] toby keith wishes he could pull off records like this.

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