Saturday, March 08, 2003

they're celebrating in johnson city, tennessee tonight as east tennessee state earned their berth in the field of 65 this evening, topping tennessee-chattanooga 97-90 to take the socon (a/k/a southern conference) title.

and within an hour or so we could have a fifth team booking their trip to the dance, as the only conference without a tournament, the ivy league, could crown their champ tonight. if pennsylvania wins their contest against cornell tonight, they'll lock up the ivy title (even with one more game to go, tuesday at princeton), and with it an invitation to the dance. now has stories up on the winners in today's first three conference tournament championships: troy state, unc-asheville (expect them, with a 14-16 mark, in the tuesday night play-in game), and austin peay (whose return to the ncaas means we get to hear the greatest chant in all of college sports: "let's go peay [pronounced 'pee']!").

you have no idea how many endorphins are zinging about my body right now...

the next set of invites goes out on monday, when four more conference tournaments crown their champs: the caa (colonial athletic), the maac (metro atlantic athletic - I pronounce it "maaaac," like a braying goat), the mvc (missouri valley), and the wcc (west coast). for your viewing pleasure, all of monday night's games will be on espn, save for the caa, which is on espn2.

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