Sunday, April 27, 2003

All the more perplexing is the new single by recent Rolling Stone coverboys Good Charlotte. I really, really dislike them - "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" is so smarmy and sneering to nearly be vomit-inducing. They're about as "punk" as Avril.

[Side note: was discussing with Stumpy today how I blame Green Day for all this faux-punk. He disagreed slightly, saying he blames GD for Blink-182, and Blink themselves for this current crop. Either way, Billie Joe Armstrong, right or wrong, has a few things to answer for.]

The surprise, then, comes that they may actually make a decent pop combo, if they'd drop the pretense and "angst" (as Puffy said, uh-huh, yeah). "Boys and Girls" has stupid, I-should-be-in-the-Queers lyrics. But musically it's so much new wave amped up with louder riffs; it reminds me a lot of the Go-Go's and the Knack - you can nearly hear the synth pads getting hit as the "drums" are played. And the "let's go!" heading into the chorus leads to a total Cars homage. Obviously, Good Charlotte should beg Ric Ocasek to produce their new album, start sucking cock, and open for Pansy Division. Then they'd be a band I could believe in (or at least consider being convinced by).

Addendum: GC fans (and queer punk boys the world over) will want to make certain to read this slightly disturbing fanfiction regarding Benji, Billy, Joel and Paul, er... taking some of my above advice. Thanks to XRRF for the link.

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