Sunday, April 27, 2003

Most of the time, songs which include the artist's name in them (barring hiphop) are bad. Most of the time, any song titled "Sexual Guarantee" is bad. Most of the time, a group from Europe so gay they nearly make Army of Lovers look, well, not as gay as them, is bad. But most of the time, all three things don't collide at once. And most of the time, said groups - in this case, Alcazar - don't sample a classic as towering as Chic's "My Forbidden Lover." Which makes nearly any sin, including the above three, forgivable. And which also makes "Sexual Guarantee" a marvelous, smile-inducing dance-pop ball of cadmium-yellow American, it's so cheesy. And, like Kraft singles, delicious in that most obvious of ways.

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