Saturday, April 26, 2003

My problem with ESPN's obsessive-compulsive coverage of the NFL draft? Actually, there are three. The first is, of course, Mel Kiper, Jr., possibly the most annoying person in all of sports broadcasting, so hyperbolic he makes Dickie V look relatively sedate(d). An other is that most of the players we're supposed to get so excited about, those drafted in the first round, will never have much of an impact in the NFL. Thirdly, do you - does anyone - really care who gets drafted in the 6th round, et cetera? Oy. This is about the only time you'll ever hear me say this: it's a good weekend to forget which channel ESPN is on your cable.

Oh, yeah, and this sure is front-page news. LeBron's going into the draft? Who knew?

You know what's actually exciting in the sports world this weekend? NASCAR Winston Cup. Junior and Gordon and Kenseth (under the California sun), oh my!

My only interest in the NBA playoffs is thus: watching my Pacers collapse again (it's time for Isiah to go), and rooting against the Lakers. But if you think I'll actually be watching any of these overpaid primadonnas padding their highlight reels, think again.

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