Sunday, April 27, 2003

Popjustice have been trumpeting them for months now, and today saw the first appearance of Triple 8 in the UK singles chart, as "Knockout" entered at, appropriately, #8. The important thing to note is this is actually a rather great pop record, reminiscent in some ways of 5ive, but with would-be raunchy guitar riffing and creamier vocals (and of course, the requisite turntable scratches so de rigeur these days - is that Linkin Park's fault?). It's perfectly punchy. The chorus is only okay, but the bridges, where the quintet harmonize like fallen angels, are absosmurfly ace. A fine debut - let's hope there's more where this came from.

Busted, this week's new charttoppers, however, are unfortunately dull, like BBMak in Sum 41 Halloween costumes. Should we applaud them for trying (they're more sincere than Avril, certainly), or boo them for not succeeding?

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