Wednesday, April 30, 2003

They can send all the IMs they want. I still say, fuck the RIAA. And your little Hilary, too!

You know what I mostly download? Things I already own on vinyl and cassette. I'm not spending hundreds of dollars on software to convert those formats to mp3 files. I'm going to download them from other people. See, since I already bought and paid for those records, it's my right, as I see it, to have them in mp3 format as well. Now, of course, the recording industry feels otherwise, I'm sure (much like when they got everyone to convert their LPs to CDs in the mid-'80s). And my reply? Fuck you. You know what the CEOs of most major record companies care about? Making money. That's why the cost of CDs keeps going up. And their shortsightedness has cost them - too many people are too used to downloading music for free by now. If the major record labels had come up with a download strategy when they should have - i.e., years ago - it could be in place by now. But they didn't, and it's not. Because they're stupid and focused far too much on short-term goals. Unimoth (as Christgau calls them),, have no one but themselves to blame. And trust that there are no tears falling down my face, y'all.

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