Saturday, May 10, 2003

Adam, Ray, you got two weeks, so I don't wanna hear a word from you little bitches about no longer being blogs o' the week, got it? *grin*

Which means it's (about) time for a new blog of the week, and let me say a word about the designation first. I know that I have two, sometimes disaparate, primary audiences here at oh, manchester. The first is music bloggers - that was (almost completely) what I originally considered myself, and those people (they should know who they are by now) were my initial inspirations. The second is gay bloggers, of which I'm proudly one. My bruhs are doing some of the best daily writing out in the blogsphere. But my point? Originally, I started designating blogs of the week to bring to the attention of the music folks some of the non-music blogs out there which I so heartily recommend. And for the most part, that's what I've kept doing. But this week, I break from tradition to spotlight my favorite music blog, period. He updates very regularly (that's important!), always has intelligent and clever observations on music (and oft times pop culture as a bigger picture), gives good email, posts weekly downloadable mp3s, and has pretty damn good taste in music, the stuff of life. His name, of course, is Paul. His blog is The Rub. You know the drill.

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